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Guess what nutrition i use?? I needed both hands going uphill whilst having a blackcurrant caffeine gel. Thanks for your support this year OTE Sports. If you want to see how much effort i put into Sunday's race, zoom in and have a close look at my face 😎 🚲 Evo2Max ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago  ·  

Lovely ride in the Suffolk sun with Robert Ross and James Richards. Great ride out although legs not back after weekend yet 😂 ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago  ·  

Concentrating to start with, then really struggling towards the end! Evo2Max Wheelscience Vive Le Vélo neovite GMB Cambridge 2 OTE Sports Fibre-lyte
Photo credit - the one and only Davey Jones 😎
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3 days ago  ·  

Really really pleased with todays National 12hr tt. The best i've ridden all year! Thanks to Jenny Bonham and the kids for their fantastic support all day long 😀 xx
Unfortunately that is it though - the funds have run dry, i'm broke, and i am without a job, so that is that. Without new sponsors, or donations via paypal using i am dead in the water! Couldn't be happier with today's performance though as it proves i've still got it 😎
The Evo2Max Kronos R9 was absolutely bulletproof - performed amazingly all day 😀
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4 days ago  ·  

Fantastic friendly service, knowledge, and equipment from Elmy Cycles Ipswich. At least i know there is a decent bike shop down here when i am on holiday 😎 ... See MoreSee Less

6 days ago  ·  

Ride in the sunshine to Elmly Cycles, Ipswich 😎 ... See MoreSee Less

6 days ago  ·  

Great video from The RACE (The Race across Europe) 😎 ... See MoreSee Less

A great video from Team Pedalling Squares showing one of the highlights of the route through Europe - Mt Ventoux - and helping show what a great event the Race Across Europe is for raising funds for charity.

7 days ago  ·  

They've changed the Ipswich sign! Windy today 😎 ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago  ·  

Did a 5 mile jog today in the rain because i wanted to see whether i still could, as it's been a while! The answer is yes, i can still do it - i just can't upload it, so instead took a photo of the data from my forerunner 😎 ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago  ·  

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